Transgender Clients

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We work with many transgender clients. The most common treatment areas for transgender clients are facial electrolysis, and possibly electrolysis on hands, brows, ears, and noses. Some transgender clients who undergo sex-reassignment surgery will require some electrolysis on the genitals.  This type of work is done for established clients who have begun hormone therapy and have been taking estrogen for at least 6 weeks. Because this work is physically more demanding for the practitioner, electrolysis prices for this specific area are higher. All other prices for any other area are priced regularly. Please call for any further information or questions you may have.

Hair Removal for TG Women

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Almost all areas of the body can be subject to unwelcome hair growth. For transgender women, the unwanted hair on commonly visible areas, like the face, usually takes priority.

Hair growth in the chin, upper lip, jaw, and throat areas is usually caused by hormones, whether imbalanced or not.

The most commonly treated areas for are: Chin - Jawline - Upper lip - Throat - Sides of face - Eyebrows - Chest - Abdomen - Breasts - Underarms - Hairline - Fingers and toes