We Use Only the Highest Quality Equipment


ABC Electrology, LLC selected this equipment because of the high quality and results

From the manufacturer: The effectiveness of the Apilus Platinum Pure device has been confirmed in comparative scientific studies performed in cooperation with Dr. Charles Doillon, research scientist and professor at the Université Laval Hospital Center in Québec City, Canada. With the energy concentration of the Apilus Platinum Pure, it is possible to obtain results much more rapidly than with any other epilator currently on the market. Due to the ultrarapid 27 MHz radio frequency applied precisely inside the follicle, the Apilus Platinum Pure can permanently eliminate all hair cells. The number of treatments to obtain complete and permanent results is 25% less than usual. Moreover, the Apilus Platinum Pure can effectively treat any hair or skin color, an achievement that laser or intense pulse light (IPL) devices can’t reproduce.

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ABC Price List

Standard Electrolysis

15 minutes-$30
30 minutes-$50
45 minutes-$75
60 minutes-$90
85 minutes - $110
90 minutes-$135
105 mintes-$160
120 minutes-$170

Medical Electrolysis

15 minutes-$60
30 minutes-$100
45 minutes-$150
60 minutes-$180
90 minutes-$250
120 minutes-$320